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ionantha ssp grotei Protzen (2485)

Saintpaulia species. Single pale mauve to deep blue-purple flowers. Leaves broadly oval to elliptic, medium green above, pale green or tinged with purple beneath. Rosette to trailing.

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3.20 (3.84)

ionantha ssp ionantha 2. var diplotricha cl Parker (215)

Saintpaulia species.
Single pale mauve to deep blue-purple flowers. Leaves are oval to nearly round, dark green above, purple beneath, edges slightly wavy or sharply toothed, upper surface with short and long erect hairs. Standard rosette.

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3.20 (3.84)

ionantha ssp velutina (217)

Saintpaulia species. Single light to dark purple flowers. Leaves are nearly round, dark green above, purple beneath. The surface is densely covered with erect hairs. Standard

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3.20 (3.84)


Double lavender flowers with medium green quilted leaves. Large AVSA roll of honor 1978 (F.Tinari)

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2.60 (3.12)


Double burgundy flowers with nearly black tips. Mosaic variegated foliage in dark green and silver. Standard (J.Gehr)

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3.20 (3.84)


***FREE DELIVERY for plant collections and sundries *** 

Postage for specific plant orders is 5.95 (UK) and 7.95 (EU). Plants will be despatched from the beginning of March until the end of October. Orders received before March will be sent as soon as possible once we start despatching, in the sequence in which they were received.
Any problems, give us a call on 01978 790677 or email us on


Order Rex Dibley's Streptocarpus book, streptocarpus food tablets, Dibleys streptocarpus seed, gift vouchers, propagators, watering cans and other sundries. Sundries all include post and packing.

Flowering houseplants direct to your door

The ideal gift for Streptocarpus fans! Mature Streptocarpus plants growing in 10cm or 12cm pots with quality ceramic display pots. The plants are full of bud, and will be full of flower within weeks. These 10 cm and 12 cm potted plants can be sent to UK addresses only.

All Streptocarpus (plug plants)

Have a look through our main selection of Streptocarpus plants - we believe it's the best selection of named varieties in the world.


We have extensively increased the range of Saintpaulias. The range includes bi-coloured, variegated, trailing, doubles & miniatures. None of these varieties are readily available from any other source in this country.

Other Gesneriads

All the Gesneriads we grow are easy to look after and require similar conditions to Streptocarpus. Most are sent as young plants, some as rhizomes (marked as rhizomes in the description).


Impatiens niamniamensis (also known as the Parrot Plant) and other varieties of Impatiens.


New to our catalogue!

Solenostemon (Coleus)

The named varieties make excellent plants and are far better than seedling varieties, they are not so prone to go to flower and have better foliage colours.


We offer a range of beautiful species and hybrids grown for their attractive foliage (and not the tuberous varieties grown solely for their large flowers). Many have showy flowers as well as attractive foliage.

Plant Collections

Value for money collections of named plants. The price of all these collections include post and packing.